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  1. Go to Jira Settings → Projects:

  2. Then you need to choose Team-Managed project you’d like to manage inside ActivityTimeline and click on the title:

  3. Once you open it, click on Project Settings → Issue types

  4. There you will need to add ‘Start date’ & ‘Due date’ fields as Context fields to every issue type you have in your project:

  5. Once you have this setup on all your Team-managed projects, go to ActivityTimeline Configuration-> Jira integration → Team-Managed Projects → Choose ‘Re-use Jira’s standard Start/Due date fields’ → Click ‘Update’:

  6. Finally, you’re all set, now you can plan your Team-Managed project both from ActivityTimeline and it’ll be displayed in Jira and vice versa.


IMPORTANT: Changing the field mapping may clear existing schedule on timelines. This could happen when the system will read the data from the different fields that may not contain data.
Contact technical support if you need any assistance.