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ActivityTimeline administrator can change general settings, JIRA integration settings, the settings for timeline panel, workload indicator, Advanced settings etc.

To navigate to Configuration setting from the Dashboard view click on Configuration (gear) icon on a toolbar.


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General Settings

In General tab admin user can see general settings such as:

  • ActivityTimeline Dashboard URL


  • Last Issues and Last Worklog Sync Dates

  • Automatic Synchronization (Yes/No)

  • Language

  • Total amount of indexed JIRA Issues and custom events

  • License

    • click Show link to be redirected to License page

  • Installation ID

  • Current Version of ActivityTimeline

Admin can also check if newer version ActivityTimeline is available. Simply click 'Check for Updates' → the system will redirect you to a website page with the latest version of the add-on.

To edit General Settings click Edit button, you will be navigated to JIRA Integration Configuration page.


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Admin and User Guides

ActivityTimeline administrator can navigate to Admin Guide and User Guide directly from Configuration tab:


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