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I installed ActivityTimeline, but I don’t see any issues on users' timelines?

This situation happens if you have not configured Start/End dates fields from your Jira, meaning ActivityTimeline does not know where exactly to put these tickets on the timeline.

If you want your tickets to automatically to appear on users' timeline on dates set in Jira, you need to do the following:

  • If you already have Start/End Dates custom fields in your Jira (any Date Picker or Date/Time picker format will work), you can map them to ActivityTimeline, so that it could read this data from Jira and display your Tickets automatically.
    You can do this by doing the following:
    Go to ActivityTimeline Configuration→Jira Integration→On the bottom of the page, from the dropdown choose your Start/End date fields→Click on ‘Update’ button:

Then go to Synchronization→Refresh issues→Perform full synchronization, so that system could re-cache all the issues.

Note: If you already have some issues scheduled on your dashboard, changing configuration of your Start/End Dates field, will remove them from the schedule, so we recommend to firstly make sure that all those tickets also have Start/End dates set in Jira.


I can only see issue key without its name and unable to do anything with the issue

So these items you are referring to are not actually Jira tickets, but only the worklogs (i.e. time) that were logged to these Jira issues. They are available on the Dashboard in Read-only format, so it’s not possible to change their location on the dashboard.

Note: issue is not necessarily must be assigned to the person for him/her to be able to log time there.




Is it possible not to split tasks for several days, but let users finish it one by one?

Yes, this is called ‘Liquid Mode’, meaning that system will allocate maximum amount of workload per day from resource’s available capacity. Here is the difference between Balance (default) mode and Liquid:


You can switch to Liquid mode in ActivityTimeline Configuration→Workload Indicator→Workload Calculation Algorithm



Is it possible to assign the same task to different people?

Yes, for this you need to drag’n’drop the task while holding ‘Shift’ key, ActivityTimeline will then split the task between 2 assignees splitting the estimate of the task.
You can later click on any of the task and adjust the start/end dates of the tasks and their estimates by clicking on ‘Manage issue part’ button.




Can I edit the appearance of issues on the Timeline?

Yes, you can modify the appearance of the issue based on its project, assignee, status, priority and issue type. This can be edited in ActivityTimeline Configuration→Issues→Issue customization:




Is it possible to display additional information on the issue?

Yes, you can add 1 additional field directly to the issue on the dashboard plus you can add up to 3 additional custom fields to the issue card. This can be do in:
ActivityTimeline Configuration→Issues→Issue appearance





Is it possible to display not only date but also hours on the issue?

Yes, it is possible to plan issues not only on a specific day, but also on a specific hour, for this you need to switch the setting in Configuration→ Timeline Panel→Planned Start/End Dates format from Date only to Date/Time


Note: If you have Jira Start/End dates field mapped to ActivityTimeline, they must be of the same type as this configuration, meaning you either use only dates both in Jira and AT or you use Date & Time both in Jira and AT, otherwise system will not work properly!



Is it possible to track Dependencies in ActivityTimeline?

ActivityTimeline allows to track only ‘blocks’ or ‘blocked by’ issue link from Jira. You can enable this tracking in ActivityTimeline Configuration→Timeline Panel→ ‘Track blocked issues’.
When blocked issues will be scheduled before blocking issue, system will display an exclamation mark near the ticket.



Can I change the order of tasks on the timeline?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to set the order of the tasks or even manually edit the order on the timeline as the calendar component is using its own algorithms to determine how to render issues and we don't have control over it. 

However, we suggest you customize the appearance of the task, based on the priority of the task. You can do that in Configuration → Issues → Issue Customization:



Checkboxes in the teams/users drop-down disappeared

If checkboxes disappear, that means you are in a "Team with users" view which works as a single select.

Please, click on ‘Team with Users’ to switch to Users or Teams to be able to uncheck teams/users:




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