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Why I cannot delete or edit my worklogs?

Permissions in terms of editing/deleting worklogs in ActivityTimeline copy Jira permissions for these actions, meaning if user is unable to edit/delete his/her worklogs in Jira, he/she won’t be able to do so in ActivityTimeline either.


Can I see Workspace of other users?

Yes, if you have Manager or Admin users role, you will be able to switch between workspaces of other users:





Can I log work for other users?

Yes, ActivityTimeline Admins or Managers are able to log time for other users. Here's how:

  • In the Work view, switch to the correct user.

  • Click ‘Log Work’ button

  • Confirm that the warning 'You are logging time on behalf of x user' appears.


  • Once confirmed, proceed with logging the work.

Please be aware that logging work for other users is a feature exclusive to the Cloud version of ActivityTimeline. It is not supported in the Server or Data Center editions.



How to track time spent on not Jira issues?

Time tracking functionality in Jira lets your team record the time they spend working on specific issues. It often happens that users spend 20-30% of their time on meetings, training, or doing some other non-Jira issue-related work.

ActivityTimeline provides functionality that allows one to capture that time and report on it with the help of the ‘Treat Booking items as worklogs' functionality.

To configure it:

  • Go to Configuration tab → Timesheets Configuration

  • Enable ‘Treat Booking items as worklogs’ checkbox

  • Click ‘Update’

By enabling this setting, you allow ActivityTimeline to automatically treat estimated hours from "Booking" event types in the past as worklogs for:

  • Timesheets:

  • Work module:

  • Workload, Availability, Worklogs & Worklogs mode on the plan view:

Important: If you use ‘Booking’ event type for any other planning purposes and do not want them to be treated as worklogs, it is possible to override this setting per specific "Booking" event type at Configuration -> Events -> BOOKING event type -> Edit link → Workog category set to "Not a Worklog" for that event type.

We advise creating a new custom event based on the ‘Booking’ event type for Time tracking purposes.

To create a new custom event, please, go to Configurations → Events → Timeline Event Types → Create Custom Event Type → Add Name, Description → Choose ‘Booking’ as event type → Set up default category (Recommended to Billable):

Now regular users are able to create a worklog for themselves simply by clicking on their timeline on the Work or Plan view:


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