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Does ActivityTimeline support other working days other than Mon-Fri?

Yes, it is possible to change which days should be considered as working by the system, for this go to ActivityTimeline Configuration→Workload indicator→Change ‘Work days’ configuration:



Will ActivityTimeline work for people in different timezones?

Yes, ActivityTimeline is configured to properly work for people in all the timezones, regardless of the location of Jira Server and users' configuration. It is also possible to configure different Timezone Shifts in order to allow larger flexibility in timezone management.
For this go to ActivityTimeline Configuration→Advanced Settings→Time zone shift/fix:




Can I integrate ActivityTimeline with Outlook or Google Calendar?

Yes, it is possible to integrate ActivityTimeline with your Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple Calendars.
In order to configure the integration go to ‘My Account’→Calendar integration→Follow the steps listed there:


Note: that it works as Export Only feature, meaning you can get your tasks, bookings and other events from ActivityTimeline to be displayed in the calendar, but you cannot import meetings from the calendar into ActivityTimeline.



I deleted issue in Jira, but I can still see it on in ActivityTimeline?

First of all you can try to press on ‘Refresh’ button to load the latest updates from Jira.
If it did not help, you can go to Configuration→Synchronization→Refresh issues→Detect & Remove deleted issues:


In case automatic 'Detect & Remove Deleted Issues' function didn't work, you can still remove such issues manually in Configuration→Issues→Maintenance:





How do I configure ActivityTimeline to use story points instead of hours?

It is possible to use ActivityTimeline with story points instead of hours for estimation, however in order for system to properly calculate workload indicator and reports, story points must be converted into hours.
This can be done on per project basis, meaning you can have different story points value in different projects. For this you need to configure a conversion factor in Configuration→Projects→Click ‘Manage’ near the project:




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