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Can I get timesheet per sprint?

Yes, you can generate reports that will be grouped not only by sprints, but also, it’s possible to get reports by component, epic, label, project, etc. You can do it by switching to ‘Group’ tab and choosing which criteria to group the report by.



Will worklogs from Tempo be visible in ActivityTimeline?

For Server: all the worklogs logged through Tempo Timesheets or any other time tracking application will be visible in ActivityTimeline by default.

For Cloud: You need to generate a Tempo API token and insert it into ActivityTimeline Configuration->Tempo integration tab in order to enable synchronization of worklogs from Tempo Timesheets to ActivityTimeline.

You can find the detailed documentation on this here:



How can I get a timesheet per person?

In Track module of ActivityTimeline reports are generated on a team basis, so if you would like to see the detailed information on person basis, you need to group the data by Users. For this go to 'Group' tab and choose grouping by person:





In case you have some custom field that groups Jira issues by some criteria (i.e. Customer) and you would like to get a report of all worklogs that are related to this custom field, you can generate Timesheet Report based on the Jira Saved Filter (JQL), that would look similarly to customer = Customer A and then simply generate a Timesheet in ActivityTimeline based on this filter, which can later be exported into Excel format.




I have migrated the Jira issue from one project to another but it still shows under the wrong project in ActivityTimeline

This may happen if you use the approval workflow for worklogs in ActivityTimeline and have the ‘Update approved worklogs if changes in Jira’ setting disabled.

To migrate worklogs in ActivityTimeline in such case, you need to change the setting to ‘Enabled’ → Click ‘Update’ → Navigate to Configurations → Synchronization → Refresh Worklogs → Perform Full Worklogs Synchronization:


Once data is migrated successfully, you may go ahead and change the setting back to ‘Disabled’.


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