ActivityTimeline Quick Start Guide

How to get started with ActivityTimeline

ActivityTimeline is designed to provide you with proper visibility across your project and resources using a straight-forward user interface in an easy-to-understand timeline format, where you can see with the flow of time how changes your plan, what is the progress and where are the potential bottlenecks.

While we always strive to develop each and every feature to be as intuitive as possible, but we understand that it could be challenging to adopt a new tool without proper preparation, so we have created this Quick Start Guide to help you understand the idea that stands behind our plugin.

Start your journey with ActivityTimeline!

Basic concepts

Before you begin, we just wanted to share with you a few concepts that are present in the tool so we could speak the same language and understand each other in the future.

  1. Resources & Teams

  2. Personal & Team Timelines

  3. Jira Tasks and Local events

  4. Workload, Capacity (Involvement) & Worklogs

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