Integration with Tempo (Cloud)

ActivityTimeline supports an integration with Tempo Timesheets for Jira Cloud to load worklog records that were submitted through Tempo application.

Since worklogs from Tempo are displayed as logged by ‘Tempo User’ it is required to create a Tempo API token to be able to import them properly into ActivityTimeline.

       1. Click Configuration icon on Dashboard toolbar → Tempo Integration page.

       The system will redirect an admin to Tempo Cloud Integration page (if Tempo Cloud is installed):    


2. Open to your Jira Cloud instance as a user who has permission to see Tempo Worklog data of all required users.

 3. Navigate to the Tempo settings menu and select API Integration

 4. Generate a Token and specify it on the ActivityTimeline Tempo Integration page

 5. Click UPDATE button to perform Tempo Cloud REST API calls to retrieve worklogs.

Note: The system will load new worklogs by default. If you would like to retrieve previous Tempo worklogs then you would need to re-sync worklogs on ActivityTimeline Configuration → Synchronization → Sync Worklogs →Full Worklog Synchronization.


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