Issue Card Appearance

Issue Card Appearance tab gives option to configure the displaying of Issue Cards on Timeline Dashboard. This opportunity is provided for ActivityTimeline allow a system administrator (user with Administrator role) to change which fields should be shown for the issue bar.

New configuration settings should be added to the JIRA Issue Card appearance page that should allow to customize the appearance of issue card.

The list of possible customization fields includes the following:

  1. Show issue key 

  2. Show status 

  3. Original estimate 

  4. Remaining estimate 

  5. Logged hours 

Customize Issue Card Appearance

In order to configure an event appearance on Timeline Dashboard follow the steps:

Configuration → Issues → Issue Card Appearance:


In Issue Card Appearance admin can configure up to custom fields appearance.

Custom fields can be configured in Jira Administration → Issues → Custom fields.
The following field types can be used:

  • Text Field (Single line)

  • Text Field (Multi line)

  • Number Field

Custom Fields with text or/and number type needs to be set on JIRA Administrator in order to be displayed in the "JIRA Custom Field" lists.


Issue Card with "Story points" Custom Field appearance on Timeline Dashboard:


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