How to setup 'Original Estimate' and 'Time Tracking' fields for Jira Team-Managed (formerly known as next-gen) Projects inside ActivityTimeline

Since Jira Team-Managed (formerly known as next-gen projects) projects do not support the standard cross-project issue field, we have prepared an article about the setup of the 'Original Estimate' and ‘Time Tracking’ filed

In order to avoid any errors while setting these fields for Team-Managed projects inside ActivityTimeline verify that everything is properly configured for your project in ActivityTimeline and in Jira:

1. ‘Original Estimate’ and 'Time Tracking' fields should be mapped to the Issue Type in Jira.

This method will require some manual configuration to be done inside Jira, as currently, Atlassian doesn’t allow to make these manipulations automatically from our side.

  1. Go to Jira Settings → Projects:


  2. Then you need to choose Team-Managed project you’d like to manage inside ActivityTimeline and click on the title:


  3. Once you open it, click on Project Settings → Issue types.

  4. There you will need to add the ‘Time Tracking’ field and ‘Original Estimate’ as a Context field to the issue type you have in your project:



  5. Finally, you’re all set, now you can plan your Team-Managed project both from ActivityTimeline and it’ll be displayed in Jira and vice versa.

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