Single Sign-On Setup

Note: If ActivityTimeline is running behind a proxy server or container then you should use the base ActivityTimeline Url that is displayed in your web browser’s address bar instead of the one displayed directly on the page.

This is applicable to the “Application Url“ and “Consumer Callback URL“ fields configuration in the Jira SSO settings page.

Requires "Application Link" setup in Jira's Administration page!

This page allows to configure SSO link (oAuth) between Jira and ActivityTimeline.

Users will be able to login into ActivityTimeline with a single button click. 
There will be no need to enter username/password on ActivityTimeline Login form:

ActivityTimeline Single Sign-On Setup page:


There are two statuses of oAuth SSO connection:

  • ActivityTimeline has configured oAuth SSO connection


  • ActivityTimeline without configured oAuth SSO connection


Procedure to configure Single Sign-On (SSO) between Jira and ActivityTimeline:

Step 1

  • Open JIRA →  Click on Gear icon → JIRA Administration  Applications (Jira Server) 
    or click on the Jira icon (top/left corner) → Settings → Applications → Application Links page in the left menu (Jira Cloud)


  • Click on "Application links"

  • Copy "Application Url" from the blank on Single Sign-On Setup in Activity Timeline → to blank on Configure Application Links tab in Jira

  • Click "Create new link" button → Click "Continue"

  • IMPORTANT: Tick "Use this URL" checkbox to preserve the original Url

  • Fill-in the "Application Name" field, choose Generic Applicationfor Application Type, leave all other blanks empty, and click "Continue" button

  • On Single Sign-On Setup page in ActivityTimeline click "Mark as done" button


Step 2

Generate ActivityTimeline certificate and token, to use for Jira Application Link:

Click "Generate" button:

Public Key is created. 


Step 3

  • Click on a pencil icon on Application Links page created in Step 1

  • Choose Incoming Authentication link and fill-in the details using data from ActivityTimeline in Step 2

  • You can leave all other fields as default

  • Click "Save" button on Jira Application Link Configuration

  • Click "Verify" button on Single Sign-On Setup page


Jira should ask whether you allow the connection as a currently logged-in Jira user.

Please make sure the currently logged-in user in Jira has Administrator role in ActivityTimeline!


Click "Allow" to grant connection and finish the setup of SSO.

ActivityTimeline will make that user as Synchronization user (that loads updates from Jira).

That should be it!


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