Single Sign-On Setup

This page allows to configure SSO link (oAuth) between Jira and ActivityTimeline.

Users will be able to login into ActivityTimeline with a single button click. 
There will be no need to enter username/password on ActivityTimeline Login form:

ActivityTimeline Single Sign-On Setup page:

There are two statuses of oAuth SSO connection:

  • ActivityTimeline has configured oAuth SSO connection

  • ActivityTimeline without configured oAuth SSO connection


Procedure to configure Single Sign-On (SSO) between Jira and ActivityTimeline:

Step 1

    • Open JIRA →  Click on Gear icon → JIRA Administration  Applications (Jira Server) 
      or click on the Jira icon (top/left corner) → Settings → Applications → Application Links page in the left menu (Jira Cloud)


    • Click on "Application links"

  • Copy "Application Url" from the blank on Single Sign-On Setup in Activity Timeline → to blank on Configure Application Links tab in Jira
  • Click "Create new link" button → Click "Continue"
  • Tick "Use this URL" checkbox


  • Fill-in the "Application Name" field, chooseGeneric Applicationfor Application Type, leave all other blanks empty, 
    and click "Continue" button
  • On Single Sign-On Setup page in ActivityTimeline click "Mark as done" button

Step 2
Generate ActivityTimeline certificate and token, to use for Jira Application Link:

Click "Generate" button:

Public Key is created. 

Step 3
  • Click on a pencil icon on Application Links page created in Step 1
  • Choose Incoming Authentication link and fill-in the details using data from ActivityTimeline in Step 2
  • You can leave all other fields as default

  • Click "Save" button on Jira Application Link Configuration
  • Click "Verify" button on Single Sign-On Setup page

Jira should ask whether you allow the connection as a currently logged-in Jira user.

Click "Allow" to grant connection and finish the setup of SSO.

ActivityTimeline will make that user as Synchronization user (that loads updates from Jira).

That should be it!