Release Notes v9.0

Feb 3, 2022

Server/Data Center version: Upgrading from v8.2.2 or below to v9.0.0 may take few minutes longer than usual due to the application's DB tables update.

ActivityTimeline Cloud:  Released on Jan 24, 2022. 

ActivityTimeline Server/DC: Released on Feb 3, 2022.


Recommended: Backup your Jira’s database before the upgrade to v9.0.0.


This version update includes the following enhancements:

  • Java 11 Added support of Jira running on both Java 8 and Java 11

  • JIRA 9.0 Added support of the upcoming Jira 9.0

  • Planned vs Logged by Team report

  • Planned vs Logged by Project report

  • Application Security updates

  • Upgraded third-party libraries

  • Many other improvements and fixes

Should you have any questions regarding any of the new features -
feel free to contact our Support Team.