Release Notes v9.4

Sep 30, 2022

Server/Data Center version: Upgrading from v8.2.2 or below to v9.3.0 may take few minutes longer than usual due to the application's DB tables update.

ActivityTimeline Cloud:  Released on Sep 24, 2022. 

ActivityTimeline Server/DC: Released on Sep 30, 2022.


Recommended: Backup your Jira’s database before the upgrade from v8.x to v9.0+


This version update includes the following enhancements:

  • Added Aggregation of issues functionality on the timeline panels that allow aggregating the tasks on the timeline per Project, Epic, Issue Status, Priority, and Type

Per Project
Per Epic
  • Enhanced the Milestones Panel to display Sprints of Scrum Boards

To open it, click on the flag icon on the top bar and on the gear to choose Projects and Boards to display. Sprint will be shown based on its Start and End date. Clicking on the hierarchy icon, you will be able to see all tasks inside the sprint and their status.
  • Enhanced the Milestones Panel to display Releases (Fix Versions) based on their dates

To open it click on the flag icon on the top bar and on the gear to choose Projects and Boards to display
  • Improved rendering of issue bars with a possibility to show up to 3 custom fields

  • Updated Reports home page’s user interface

  • Added new Featured and Other reports page

  • Added possibility to include or exclude Booking items from the Workload/Utilization reports

  • Added possibility to display Out Of Office events on the Track timesheets report (timeline view)

Now you can see in one view Worklogs and Non-working events (Day Off, Holiday, Vacation, Sick Leave) on the selected period in Timeline Timesheets. This feature can be enabled in Configurations → Timesheet Configurations → Include Non-working events in Timeline Timesheets
  • Added displaying of a total sum of remaining estimates per each issue group on the left Issues Panel

  • Many other improvements and fixes

Should you have any questions regarding any of the new features -
feel free to contact our Support Team.