JIRA Integration Configuration

To change JIRA Integration configuration, log into ActivityTimeline as an administrator and follow the steps:

1.Click Configuration icon on Dashboard toolbar.

       → The system will redirect an admin to Configuration tab > General. Click on JIRA Integration to open corresponding page. Here you can specify access to JIRA and set of custom things:        

2. Administrator can change JIRA URL, specify Authentication Mode

  • Default session authentication

  • HTTP Basic Authentication

  • oAuth authentication

3. Change JIRA Synchronization Username and JIRA Synchronization Password 

  • They are used to synchronize data from JIRA service to log JIRA project lists, issues and users in JIRA groups. If a certain user does not have access to a particular project, then those issues will not appear in the ActivityTimeline.

4. Switch Automatic Synchronization by checking the box

  • by default the system automatically synchronizes the changes every 10 minutes.

5. In the Advanced Configuration section map JIRA custom fields of date, namely, Planned Issue Start Date and Planned Issue End Date.

  • Due date can be set as Planned Issue End Date: click on Advanced link to set custom option.

6. Map Assignee (default value = Assignee, supported types: Assignee, User Picker, Multi-User Picker fields).

7. Map Rank Field Name, Sprint Field Name and Epic Link Field Name 

  • Those are JIRA Agile fields (in Jira Software)


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