Workload Indicator Settings (Legacy)

ActivityTimeline administrator can define and change the settings of Workload indicator in timeline panel.

Workload Indicator Settings page has 3 sections:

1. Time Tracking


Time Tracking

Show Workload Indicator
Defines whether ActivityTimeline should show or hide workload/availability indicators.
Possible values: 

  • checked - Workload Indicator is shown

  • unchecked - Workload Indicator is hidden

Default value: checked


Workload Calculation Algorithm
Defines calculation algorithm for Workload Indicator. 
Possible values (refer to the Admin Guide for the details):


  • LIQUID. 

Default Value: BALANCE


Time Estimate Format
Defines 'Original Time Estimate' and 'Remaining Time Estimate' values displaying format.
Possible values:

  • Auto - estimate is grouped by periods e.g. 10 hours estimate will show up as '1d 2h';

  • Hours - estimate is displayed in hours only e.g. '10h'

  • Days - estimate is displayed in days only e.g. '1.25d'

  • Weeks - estimate is displayed in weeks only e.g. '0.2w'

Default Value: Hours


2. Work Time

Work Time

Work hours in day
Defines the amount of working hours in a day (default person's involvement in hours per a working day). It has an influence on the workload/availability indicator. 
Also, this setting is used to convert long time estimates from days to hours. E.g. 2 days = 16 work hours by default.

Default Value: 8


Tasks per day

Defines the amount of tasks a person can work on within a day. It has an influence on the workload/availability indicator. If the amount of tasks assigned to a person exceeds this number, his/her workload will be shown as overloaded in both Workload Indicator and Reports.

Default Value: 5


Work days
Defines the list of work days. 'sat' and 'sun' are treated as weekend and workload indicator will ignore them during workload calculation as well as vacations, holidays, sick leaves and days off

Default Value: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

3. Employee's Workplace

Worklog Chart Mode

This setting allows to configure what information to show on the bar chart in Work View. Possible options are: Show only worklogs, show both Worklogs & forecasted Workload from assigned tasks or don't show the chart at all.
Default: Show Worklogs Only


4. Workload & Availability Modes

Choose how the task estimate is split across days if a task is scheduled from the past to the future and has remaining time estimate.

Possible values:

  • Distribute remaining estimate into past days (not recommended)

  • Exclude past days / weeks / days and today from distributing remaining estimate

Default Value: Exclude past days from distributing remaining estimate.


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