Synchronize is a manual Jira data synchronization option. It re-loads data from Jira into ActivityTimeline. No changes to Jira are made.

The automatic synchronization will load updates to ActivityTimeline every time a new ticket is created or updated in Jira (by default, the changes are automatically synchronized every 10 minutes).

But if there are some changes in the configuration (like switching custom fields, mapping, changing between due date and planned end dates in custom field, or any other manipulation of data), then a fresh portion of data from JIRA needs  to be loaded and the cache to be updated.

Full Synchronization

In order to manually synchronize the latest changes from JIRA, log in to ActivityTimeline as an administrator and follow the steps: 

  1. From Dashboard click Configuration icon on the toolbar

  2. Go to Issues tab > Issues section

  3.  Check Full Synchronization radio button and press Synchronize:

    → The system will load the latest issue changes from JIRA and carry them over to ActivityTimeline.


No changes will be made to JIRA during this operation.

Partial Issues/Worklog Synchronization

ActivityTimeline administrator can manually trigger the re-sync of the portion of the latest issues or work logs. Select a corresponding option to re-load the issue or work log data from Jira.

Detect & Remove Deleted Issues

ActivityTimeline administrator can manually remove some obsolete (issue that were already deleted in Jira but still sit in AT cache) issues from ActivityTimeline cache if needed.

There are two ways to remove the tickets that are obsolete:

  1. By selecting "Detect & Remove Deleted Issues" option and clicking "Synchronize" button

  2. The system will search for the last 1000-10.000 modified tickets and automatically remove obsolete (deleted in Jira) issues from ActivityTimeline cache

  3. By manually removing the tickets one by one in Maintenance Page Legacy


This is useful in a case when a ticket is removed from JIRA by some user, but it was not automatically removed from ActivityTimeline cache.



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