Issue Appearance

ActivityTimeline admin user has the ability to customize the way the issues will appear on timeline panel based on Project, current Assignee or Status.
This opportunity is provided for ActivityTimeline allows a system administrator (user with Administrator role) to change which fields should be shown for the issue bar.

New configuration settings should be added to the JIRA Issue appearance page that should allow to customize the appearance of the issue bar.


The list of possible customization fields includes the following:

  1. Estimate 

  2. Time  (available in Date/Time mode only)

  3. Issue type icon 

  4. Issue status icon 

  5. Issue priority icon 

  6. Parent issue icon 

  7. Issue subtasks icon 

  8. Issue key 

  9. Characters number of Event Title

To enable Time - Date/Time mode should be 

Configuration → Timeline Panel → Planned Start/End Dates format → Date/Time is selected → Update

Customize Timeline Issue Appearance

In order to configure an issue appearance on Timeline Dashboard follow the steps:

Open Configuration → Issues → Issue Appearance:

To add and apply custom issue CSS stylesConfiguration → Issues →  Issue customization→ Add Custom Style:

CSS styles can be applied to:

  • Project

  • Status

  • Issue Type

  • Priority

  • Assignee

In order to apply custom issue CSS style to one of the listed items above simply:

  • Open the tab depending on what needs to be customized. 

  • Select an appropriate item from a drop-down list.

  • Select Style :

    • background-color; 

    • text color;

    • font-style Bold;

    • font-style Italic;

    • font-style Underline;

    • font-style Line-through ;

  • Press on Apply button.

→ Custom Styles are successfully created. You can view, edit and delete applied Custom Styles on  Issue Customization → Advanced Issue Customization page. 


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