Milestones Event Type

Milestones Events are the types of events that can be added to Milestones Panel. There is a set of those event types defined in the system (deadline, delivery, release etc.). However, AT admin can create custom ones.

Create New Milestones Event Type

In order to create a new custom event type that can be added on person's timeline follow the steps:

  1. From Configuration → Events → Milestones Event Types press Create New Milestone Event Type button:

  2. In the opened Create Custom Event Type window enter a Name for a new event

  3. Choose Event type (default value = Event)

  4. Choose icon for a new event:

  5. Hit Create.

  6. Go to Dashboard and create a new custom event on Milestones Panel.
    → New custom event type will be available in the events list.

Edit Existing Event Type

In order to edit an existing custom event type, follow the steps:

  1. Find event type you would like to edit in Custom Event Type List and click Edit.


  2. In the opened Edit Custom Event Type dialog change a Name of an event and select an Icon:


  3. Click Update for the changes to be applied.


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