Users Proficiency levels

To see the list of available proficiency levels go to Configuration → Users → Users Proficiency Levels. List of Proficiency Levels is presented in table view with Proficiency Level name, edit link, Proficiency Level color, Is Default? option, and delete icon:

Edit Proficiency Level

To edit an existing level of proficiency, click on Edit link and edit proficiency level name, color, and specify if the level is default in an opened Edit Proficiency Level page:

Delete Proficiency Level

AT administrator can delete an existing proficiency level by either pressing Delete button in Edit Skill page, or clicking red cross icon in List of Proficiency Levels table:   

Create New Proficiency Level

To add a new level of proficiency, press New  Proficiency Level button in List of Proficiency Levels page. Specify the name of a new level of proficiency, its color, if the proficiency level is set by default, and press Create:


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