Release Notes v3.5

April 15, 2014

This version contains major functionality improvements:

  • A variety of 5 new calendar scopes for a large-scale planning:
    • current Week scope
    • new Two Weeks scope
    • new Month Daily scope
    • new Month Weekly scope
    • new Two Months scope
    • new Year scope
  • Calendar got a fixed and clickable double-row header that allows you to navigate across time periods
  • Clickable current period label to quickly jump to any other date period
  • Possibility to change task start/end/due dates right from the issue tooltip
  • Clone custom events if drag'n'dropped with CTRL key held
  • The page automatically scolls as you move a task between people below the visible page area
  • Milestone markers/events are movable so you can drag'n'drop them when needed
  • Better error handling:
    • If the issue was not updated due to JIRA constrains - it will return back
    • If the issue is moved from one user to another then a ghost will not stay on the previous assignee
    • Notification of JIRA/AT re-login requirement after a password change
  • Minor bug fixing.