Release Notes v4.2

June 30, 2016

This version includes the following enhancements:

  • German locatiozation of user interface
  • ActivityTimeline REST API
  • Management of custom event types
  • 3 new Availability reports based on scheduled work:
    • Person availability report
    • Team availability report
    • Skill/Position availability report
  • Enhanced Availability reports to have an option to show availability in hours and percentages
  • Added Workload/Availability switch for workload (capacity) indicators
  • Enhanced Team drop down to allow search by team name/person/skill and position
  • Added Approval workflow to Vacations
  • Added new USE_SPRINT_PERIOD_AS_PERIOD_OF_ITS_TICKETS setting to reuse sprint dates for issues
  • Added the possibility to display who created a custom event
  • Added displaying of Issue Status in a tooltip
  • Enhanced support of Date/Time custom field type for Planned Start/End dates
  • Implemented the possibility to use a Custom Field instead of Assignee field
  • A number of other minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Other minor changes.