Dynamic Teams Administration

View Dynamic Team

To view any existing dynamic team open Dynamic Teams list in Teams tab and click Show link in the corresponding team row. Team page that opens contains the information about the name of the team, number of people in the team, skills based on which the team is generated, the holiday scheme applied to a team and all team members:

Create Dynamic Team

To create a new team simply click on the corresponding button in Dynamic Teams page:

In Create Team page specify team Name and add Skills based on which the team will be generated > hit Create:

Edit Dynamic Team

Admin can edit an existing team from either Team page, or by clicking Edit link in Dynamic Teams table view.

In Edit Dynamic Team page one can modify the name of the team and change the skills based on which the team is generated.

Delete Dynamic Team

One can delete an existing team from either Dynamic Teams page (Show team), or in Edit Dynamic Team page by pressing Delete button.


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