Release Notes v7.0

February 16, 2019

Server version may take up to 60 minutes to start for the first time if upgraded from the v6.x.x or below due to DB schema update.

Migration Guide for ActivityTimeline v7.0 is available here: Migration Guide for ActivityTimeline v7.0

This version update includes the following enhancements:

  • MODULE Mobile view for users - Implemented mobile web view to allow regular users to view their tasks and log work
  • MODULE My Workplace module (Work module) - see own plan/schedule/progress and log work hours
  • MODULE Timesheets module (Track module) - managers are track timesheets based on work hours logged by team people
  • Create Jira issues through ActivityTimeline
  • Track dependencies between issues (auto highlight blocked issues in case of incorrect schedule)
  • Automatically add "Event type name" placeholder into Title on Create Event dialog
  • Reports improvements:
    • Add column from Jira custom field into "Detailed Worklog Report"
    • Add "Deviation columns" into Issue/Project Progress
    • Do not show violet background on workload in weekly/monthly scopes
    • Added Project filter to "Issue Progress Report"
    • New Project Progress Report
    • Show assignee on events exported into External calendar from Team calendar
  • Vacation Management - limit amount of approved vacations each person can take
  • Unschedule issue-part, from 'Manage issue-part dialog'
  • Add worklog re-sync option into Issues synchronization page
  • Added Team Manager + Import from Tempo
  • Configurable displaying of issue/event cards (on click or mouse over)
  • Open issue in a new tab if clicked with middle mouse scroll button
  • Team drop down UI improvements - auto-focus team/person search
  • New product tour
  • New layout collapse/expand button
  • Auto populate logged hours based on user's capacity
  • Updated user roles with backward compatibility
  • If user has just "Read Only" role then it will be like Extra Limited role with a read only access
  • Added possibility Edit Start/End Date while creating Custom events
  • Added Oracle DB 12.1/12.2/18c support
  • A number of other improvements and bug fixes

ActivityTimeline Cloud:   Upgraded to v7.0 on February 16, 2019.

ActivityTimeline Server: Expected release date: February 23, 2019.