Timesheets Config

Timesheets Configuration contains three sections: 

  • Configuration

  • Additional Worklogs

  • Worklog Categories


Time Tracking in ActivityTimeline

This setting allows turn On or Off timesheets functionality in ActivityTimeline.

  • Enabled - ActivityTimeline turns on all functionality of Timesheets view.

  • Disabled - Hide & disable everything related to Timesheets e.g. worklog synchronization, Timesheets reports, and Log Work option.

Default value: Enabled


Approval workflow in Timesheets refers to Track page.

  • Turn on this option to enable the requirement of approving each work log record.

    • The system will show the additional action items to approve or unapprove the worklogs one by one or per person.

    • Turn off this option to disable the approval workflow. Each logged worklog record will be considered as final and pre-approved.

  • Default value: Disabled


Update approved worklogs if changed in Jira

If this setting is set to Yes then ActivityTimeline will update already approved worklog records if user has changed it in Jira.
If this setting is set to No then ActivityTimeline will ignore any updates made to a specific worklog in Jira if it is already approved in ActivityTimeline.
Default value: Yes


Allow to log worked hours to already Closed / Resolved issues

Determines whether it is possible to log work into Closed / Resolved issues or not.
Turn off this setting to restrict users from logging time into Closed / Resolved issues.
Default value: Enabled


Limitation of maximum allowed worklog hours per day

Defines whether ActivityTimeline should limit the maximum number of hours users can log for Timesheets.

  • Enabled - Users will not be able to log more than their capacity per day.

It can be overridden by creating an 'Overtime' event for the day when more hours should be allowed to log by a person.

  • Disabled - No restriction on the amount of hours users can log per day.

Default value: Disabled


Mandatory Description for Worklogs

Determines whether the 'Work Description' field is required or optional in ActivityTimeline.
If this setting is set to Yes then the field will be validated to ensure it has been given a value during logging worked hours.
Setting it to No will all

ow to log worked hours without specifying any description.
Default value: unchecked


Include Non-working events in Timeline Timesheets

This setting allows tracking the number of scheduled Non-working events (Day Off, Holiday, Vacation, Sick Leave) on a selected period.
If checked, the extra columns with each Non-working day appear in Timeline Timesheets.
Default value: unchecked


Additional Worklogs


Treat Booking items as worklogs

  • This option refers to Plan, Work and Track modules. 

  • If enabled, Booking Events are calculated as worklogs in the past and in the future on each of the mentioned modules. 


Allow users to log hours in the future

  • This option refers to Plan, Work, Track, Report.

  • If enabled, users are able to log hours for future dates.


Worklog Categories

While logging time through ActivityTimeline users will be able to choose the category of that type of work.
Default category: Category #0



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