Frequently Asked Q & A

Q: Can FindDuplicates be limited to some particular project?

A: Yes, this can be configured at Project Restrictions

Q: Does FindDuplicates support JIRA Cloud?

A: No, it does not. FindDuplicates supports JIRA Server only. JIRA Cloud does not have required API to implement FindDuplicates's functionality there.

Q: Can I specify our commonly used terminology to be excluded during duplicates search?

A: Yes, you can specify the list of "stop words" at add-on Configuration page that will be ignored.

Q: Can FindDuplicates search duplicates based on JIRA components?

A: Yes, "Potential Duplicates" panel allow a user to search for duplicates with the same component.

Q: Will FindDuplicates suggest duplicates from a project where logged-in user does not have an access to?

A: No. FindDuplicates obeys all JIRA permission schemes. If user does not have permission to see some issue then FindDuplicates will never show it.