ActivityTimeline Cloud vs. Server/Data Center Feature comparison

Below you can find a comparison of ActivityTimeline’s cloud and on-premise versions, so you can easily see which features are available in both versions and what features are only limited to one of the hosting options.



Data Center



Data Center

Planning Dashboard

Personal Workspace

Time Tracking Reports

Forecasting Reports

Workload management

Availability Tracking

(Ability to create and manage custom skills in the app)

Split task across multiple users

Vacation / Holiday schemes

Custom Events
(Overtimes, partial or full time day-offs,
placeholders, meetings, bookings)

Bulk actions
(Schedule, reschedule, assign and un-assign)

Ability to log hours on behalf of other users

ActivityTimeline’s Log Work in Jira issue view

Export ActivityTimeline’s data to MS Outlook & Google Calendar

Creation of Jira tasks/projects directly from the app

Import of Google calendar events to ActivityTimeline

Chart reports

Billable / Non-billable reporting in Timesheets


Milestones Panel


You can learn more about the comparison between ActivityTimeline Cloud and On-Premises versions in the following article:



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