Customer Q & A - Team Management

How do I create teams?

There are 2 types of teams in ActivityTimeline: Classic & Dynamic teams
Classic team is created manually by adding users to the team. In order to create a classic team go to ActivityTimeline Configuration→Teams→Create a new team→Manually add users to the new and click on ‘Create’:



Functional team is created automatically based on users' skills or positions. The system will groups users into a team based on a specified skillset or position, so you firstly need to make sure that your users have associated skills or position:



Then you can go to ActivityTimeline Configuration→Teams→Functional teams→Create a new team→Choose a criteria that the team will be based upon:




Can the resources be shared across several teams?

Yes, you can add the same person to several teams and tasks from both teams will appear on user’s timeline.





How can I create project teams?

In ActivityTimeline it is possible to create project teams. This means that the system will search for all people that are associated with a certain Jira project and will create a new team with them. This can be done in ActivityTimeline Configuration→Projects→Click on ‘Create’ near the project:




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