Create your first team


There are different approaches to building the team inside ActivityTimeline, we think that the best way is to start slow and create a simple classic team that will allow to to get to know main features of the app.

Once you master this approach, you can try setting up Functional (Dynamic) team that, in our opinion, gives you more flexibility in planning.

Setup Classic Team

Once you add ActivityTimeline to your Jira instance and go through Setup Wizard, you will be presented with a dashboard of users, list of the tasks and an open question: ‘Where do I start?’🤔

So at this point we suggest you start with going to configuration and setting up your first team:


Once you click on ‘Create New Team’ you will be presented with a dialogue where all you need to do is simply indicate the name of the team and add people into a team either via drag’n’drop or by clicking on ‘+' icon, after all needed people were added, just hit the ‘Create’ button and you’ll be all set:

That’s it, you first team is created and you can start your planning, this team will be available in every module of ActivityTimeline:

When you have your teams created, you are ready to go to the next step: Assign Users to Roles, Positions and Skills


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