ActivityTimeline High-level Overview

ActivityTimeline add-on helps organizations to better plan and manage teamwork, schedule events, vacations, bookings, track workload, generate timesheets and other reports. 

ActivityTimeline introduces four main modules for the regular user:








ActivityTimeline Plan page for a regular user is a dashboard with Issues (left) panel and Timeline (right) panel. 


Issues Panel

Issue Panel contains Filter, Group, Sort and Extra tabs for easier searching and managing. On the Issues panel each JIRA ticket appears in a separate blue bar.

Estimation, status, priority and task type can be definite according to the marking on a ticket.  


Timeline Panel

Timeline Panel allows managing the current and future tasks. It has a table view with each row corresponding to one person with his/her timeline, and each column corresponding to a particular day of a week. 

Timeline Panel allows to create and organize the Jira tasks and events on a dashboard.

Timeline view possible to customize to oversee the process. Several timeline options are available from the Calendar dropdown list: Week, Two Weeks, Month-Daily, Month-Weekly, Two Months, Quarter, Half a Year, Year, and Compact View.


Main functionality:

  • easy drag-n-drop of the tickets to the Dashboard;

  • scheduling the tasks to the users;

  • bulk rescheduling;

  • creating Jira tickets directly from the timeline;

  • creating custom events, placeholders, bookings;

  • issue  dependency tracking;

  • vacation planning;

  • tasks approving;

  • estimation;

  • workload tracking;

  • worklogs;

  • users' availability tracking;

  • see all necessary information from Issue and User Cards;

  • managing of users, teams. projects and much more.




Every user of ActivityTimeline has his own working space for the basic daily work needs.


Main functionality:

  • tracking tasks on a daily basis;

  • organize tasks;

  • issue dependency tracking;

  • log work, edit and delete them directly from your page;

  • tracking your progress;

  • issue dependency tracking.




Timesheet is a big functionality in ActivityTimeline that helps managers with a quick overview of logged time. 

Main functionality:

  • customize the view options so it displays exactly what you need;

  • track the logged time;

  • approve timesheets;

  • create favorites timesheets for later use;

  • edit worklogs directly from the details view

  • export to excel.




ActivityTimeline add-on allows generating the reports based on a workload, skills level, availability, and timesheet reports in web and Excel.


ActivityTimelines' reports provide an overview of the work process:

  • in planning: by person/team/project workloads and worklogs, skill/level/team/person availability;

  • in time sheets: by issue/project team worklogs;

  • in tracking: issue/project progress, vacation report.


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