Worklog, Estimate and Time Tracking

ActivityTimeline add-on supports logging time spent on a ticket as well as editing the original and remaining time estimates.

To read more about Workload Indicator and Logged Work hours in Estimation.

Log Your Work

To report time already spent while working on a JIRA ticket, ActivityTimeline user has to:

  1. Click on a ticket and click Log Work link:

    Or click on a ticket and click on Estimate button:

  2. In Time Tracking dialog enter the number of minutes (m), hours (h) - the default value, days (d), weeks (w) in Time spent field. 
  3. Specify if you log time for a Single Day or Multiple days in Date field. Choose the date/dates.
  4. Add Work description (optional) and click Change.             

        → The system will automatically adjust Remaining Time for that ticket.


  • You can specify additional time units after a time value, such as Xw, Xd, Xh, or Xm, to represent weeks (w), days (d), hours (h), and minutes (m), respectively. If you type a number without specifying a time unit (e.g. if you type '2' instead of '2h'), the default time unit that is specified in Workload Indicator Settings in Admin Configuration page will apply.
  • Default conversion rates are 1w = 5d and 1d = 8h. 

Warning and Notice messages of Time spent and Date fields:

Incorrect data in Spent Time field.
Fill in time in format (1w 4h 30m)
Notice: Time spent is larger than estimated time.
Time will be logged with larger estimate anyway.
Notice: This ticket is scheduled for the future dates.
The user tries to log time in ticket that is scheduled for future date.
Time could be logged for past or current dates only.

Worklog tickets

ActivityTimeline re-uses the standard Jira's Log Time functionality and data from JIRA. Also you can log time on any ticket.
Also, ActivityTimeline dashboard shows planned schedule based on Remaining Time estimate JIRA issue field.

Edit Estimate

Time estimate for a ticket can be specified in JIRA as Original Time Estimate. In case when Original Time Estimate is not specified yet or if a current value has to be changed, ActivityTimeline user can do it directly in the add-on.

To change the estimate in ActivityTimeline follow these steps:

  1. Mouse-over the ticket and click Estimate link.
  2. In the opened Time Tracking dialog switch to Edit estimate tab.
  3. Enter new Remaining estimate and Original estimate values.
  4. Click Change.


→ The system will automatically adjust the remaining hours for that particular ticket.