ActivityTimeline add-on allows generating the reports based on workload, skills level, availability, and timesheet reports.

The system supports three main groups of reports:

Planning - a set of reports generated based on the remaining time estimate. The system will use the remaining time estimate of JIRA tickets to gather the information about assignee, and their capacity, and build the workload reports based on it.

Project reports - a set of reports & charts that mainly focus on the progress of the project (Jira project, epic, initiative, etc) rather than resources. In these reports, you can see if the plan matches the actual and what the overall progress of the undertaking.

Leave & Event Reports - a set of reports generated based on the ActivityTimeline events, like vacations, days off, etc.

For more information refer to the following sections:

  1. Resource Reports

  2. Project Reports

  3. Tracking Reports

  4. Bookmark Reports


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