Basic Concepts: Workload, Capacity (Involvement) & Worklogs


There are different interpretation of what is workload, but in a nutshell that is simply the amount of estimated work that has been assigned to a resource for specified period of time. ActivityTimeline is specifically designed to allow proper allocation of the workload across your resource in order to ensure that all the resources are fully utilised, but not overloaded.

The easiest way to check the workload is to see the workload indicator that is available under each resource:


Note: In order for workload indicator to display the actual workload, tasks assigned to the resource must be estimated. ActivityTimeline can read both hours and story points estimation (if conversion factor is determined).

You can learn more about the workload indicator in our documentation:


In order to know if the person is over-, underloaded or perhaps the amount of work is just perfect, you need to define the capacity of the resource or as we call it - Involvement. This can be set for the organization as a whole or individually for each resource and for each day.


While calculating the workload for the resource, system will compare the amount of work allocated to the person in a period of time and will determine whether resource is over-, underloaded or he has a nominal workload.

Red colour - overloaded, Yellow - underloaded, Green - perfect👌


You can manage individual involvement for each resource in his/her profile:



Worklogs are time entries that users submitted into Jira tasks while working on them. ActivityTimeline synchronizes them from Jira as well as allows to log time directly through its user interface.

Worklogs can be displayed on the timeline and are taken into account in workload calculation for past and current periods, also it’s possible to configure the system to allow work logging into the future days (switched off by default).


Note: Worklogs items are available in ActivityTimeline in read-only format and cannot be drag’n’dropped or re-sized like Jira issues. You can edit or remove worklogs directly in Jira in the task they were logged to.


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