Team Panel

With the release of new ActivityTimeline v7.6, we open to the public long-awaited feature - Team Panel.

Essentially, this is a Team Timeline, that provides users of ActivityTimeline with an extra level of flexibility when it comes to planning team’s work, as it allows to schedule work not only to individuals, but to the team as a whole.

You can switch between 3 different options to use Team Panel: Users, Teams & Team with Users.

1. Users CLassic

This one is pretty familiar, as it is classic ActivityTimeline overview, where managers can plan & track work of their users by simple drag’n’drop:

The use case for this option remains the same as it was with classic ActivityTimeline, when it was all about resource planning and proper visibility of who is doing what & when in your team. In this view, you can clearly see the workload of every individual as well as their availability for future periods.

2. Teams *NEW*

This option allows to plan and get visibility on the high level for teams, rather than individual resources. You can select multiple teams at a time and plan for long periods of time like months or quarters ahead.

With the help of multi-functional workload indicator, you can get the information about teams' available capacity and their current workload. Workload indicator is available in Hours, Days & Percentages (By default this feature is turned off).

This mode is just perfect for high level planning for the department or even for the whole organisation, as it allows to schedule big chunks of workload, like Epics or Program Increments to the whole team without a need to allocate it to individual resources.

As for now, you can schedule any Jira issue type to Team Panel as well as use ‘Note’ event types that are local to ActivityTimeline.

3. Team with Users *NEW*

This mode is designed to provide a better planning experience for a single team. In this mode user can see the overall plan for the whole team in Team Panel of the selected team as well as work schedule of all the team members.

In this mode is very convenient as it allows to combine long term plans with actual execution. User can see what Epics or Features his team is currently working on, and schedule related tasks to his/her team:



We encourage you to try this new feature and let us know about your experience:
You can also learn more about new workload indicator for Team Panel here: