Increasing memory for ActivityTimeline Service on a large Jira Server/DC instance

By default, ActivityTimeline app is configured to use up to 1GB of memory from the host Jira instance.

This is more than enough for 90%+ of Jira instances.

However, ActivityTimeline app running on a large Jira DC instance may require more memory for a better performance. It is possible to configure a larger memory limit for ActivityTimeline app.

Please keep in mind that you should increase the maximum amount of memory allocated to Jira Server/DC itself before increasing it for the ActivityTimeline app specifically. See how here.


Configuration Steps

  1. Open <JIRA_HOME>/plugins/activitytimeline/config/ file for editing. <JIRA_HOME> is usually /var/atlassian/application-data/jira on Linux servers.

  2. Add the following line into that file:

    at.java_startup.args=-Xmx2g -XX:MaxPermSize=512m

    This will increase the maximum limit to 2GB of memory and 512MB of max heap size.

  3. Save file.

  4. Open a troubleshooting page at the following link and click Restart (or Start) service button: https://<JIRA_HOME_URL>/plugins/servlet/activitytimelineconfig/configuration


This should let ActivityTimeline to allocate more memory for workload calculation, report generation and other resource intensive tasks.


In case you are not sure about the procedure, please make sure to contact our Support Team