Inter-node communication in ActivityTimeline for Jira Data Center

This article is applicable to Jira Data Center only.


ActivityTimeline app requires direct communication between Jira DC nodes through Jira node port.

If there is a Firewall on each Jira node/VPC that blocks Jira port from accessing by other Jira nodes then ActivityTimeline app will not work correctly on all Jira cluster nodes.

The IT infrastructure team should open Jira node’s port for internal direct communication between Jira nodes. There is no need to open it for public/external/Internet access.


Configuration Steps

  1. Open the Maintenance Page page at the following link:

  2. If you see an error like on the screenshot below then it most likely means the Firewall is blocking connection from Jira nodeA to nodeB and vise versa on port 8081 (your configuration may have a different Jira node port number in the URL):

3. Open your Firewall configuration and allow 8081 port (or 8080) depending on what you see on your Maintenance Page for communication between cluster nodes.

That should be it.

Simply refresh the Maintenance Page to check if the connection is successful now.


In case you are not sure about the reasons, please make sure to contact our Support Team