Left Issues Panel

The left panel (Issues Panelis a sort of a backlog, where all the issues from Jira (from enabled projects) are displayed. By default the system groups the tickets by JIRA projects, but it is also possible to group by sprint, component, parent task, etc.  Each item here corresponds to a JIRA ticket and by default shows the estimate of the task, it’s priority and status, also when the task is scheduled on the dashboard (calendar) it has a blue bar on the left border.

Default view can be configured and changed through one of the four tabs. The available tabs are Filters, Group, Sort and Extra.

  • Filters  allows the user to filter all tickets in the left issues panel

  • Group – allows grouping the tickets by different parameters

  • Sort  allows the user to sort by various fields

  • Extra  – allows the user to apply filter, run JQL Search, and automatically schedule tickets for entire team.

Issue Display

On the Issues panel each Jira ticket appears in a separate blue bar.

Icons and marking on the Issue:

by Schedule

by Schedule

Not scheduled issue

Traditional font (not italic)

Scheduled issue

Italic font and blue left border

by Estimate

Estimated issue
(Estimate defined in Jira issue)

8h (= 8 hours) value in green

by Deadlines/Planning

Overdue issue
(could be assigned or unassigned)

Marked red and italic font

by Completeness 

Closed (Done status) issue

Strikethrough issue


Issue appearance can be customised on ConfigurationIssue Appearance (for Administrators)

Issue Status



Issue Status



Issue status is displayed on the far right corner of the issue bar



Priority icons



Second icon shows the Priority of the issue




Issue Type icon



Issue type icon is shown near the estimate of the task. All Jira issue types are supported and their icons will be loaded from Jira.



Additional icons

Hierarchy icon



In case issue serves as a container for other issues, i.e. User Story for sub-tasks, then hierarchy icon will be displayed



Issue subtasks icon



Ticket is of Sub-task issue type



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