Timeline Panel

Timeline Panel is a large table of the timelines on the right side of ActivityTimeline add-on.

  • Each row corresponds to a person.

  • Each column corresponds to a period of time.

    • Weekly is the default calendar view, each table cell correspond to a particular day of a week.


Calendar View

Default calendar weekly view can be switched to a higher level of scope. To change the view simply click on the Calendar dropdown on the toolbar and select the desired option from the dropdown menu.          

Two weeks

Month - Daily

Month-Daily calendar view can be beneficial to a user who wants to see more information about the team workload in one view.        

Month - Weekly

Month-Weekly view allows a user to see the timelines for the whole month, each table cell demonstrating the workload for one particular week. 

Two Months


Half a Year


A Year view allows a user to have the picture for the whole year. Each table cell demonstrates a workload for a particular month.     

Three Years

Three Years Quarterly

Month - Daily Scroll

Quarter - Weekly Scroll


Put a Task on a Timeline

The right timelines panel displays assigned issues that are already scheduled (that have Planned Start and Planned End dates set). Initially, no issues are scheduled so nothing is shown on the right timelines panel. You can plan an issue by drag'n'drop/move/resize or by clicking on it, then clicking on "Schedule" button and setting Start and End dates.

Example of Task Assignment

  1. Switch the calendar back to Weekly view (default).

  2.  Get some task from the left panel and assign it to the team member by dragging and dropping it into his/her timeline     

→ Task is now assigned to a person on whose timeline it appears. The system has set start and end dates.



3. Click on the task on the timeline to see the information about the ticket:

  • Jira issue summary

  • current assignee

  • planned start and planned end dates

    • period of time on when the ticket is going to be worked on

  • due date

    • Due Date is a standard Jira field that corresponds to the deadline by when the ticket needs to be done.

    • Due Date is shown in issue card only when specified


End date is to be set before the due date. Otherwise, the system will switch to red color indicating that a team will miss the deadline.

Workload Indicator

A workload indicator appears below the person’s name showing the workload of each person. 

Every time the manager changes the plan, the system automatically recalculates the workload of a person.

Workload indicator icon can be of various colors demonstrating the level of a workload:

  • green - workload is enough

  • red - the person is overloaded

  • yellow - not enough workload.

Workload calculation mode

Workload calculation is a way the workload for a person or a team is calculated. The mode can be changed in Configuration tab > Workload Indicator Settings (Legacy) page by ActivityTimeline administrator.

Workload calculation modes are of two main types:

  • Balance - default mode. It allows automatic splitting of an estimated time to # days.

    • E.g., if a task is estimated for 8 hours, and is scheduled for 4 days, the system will automatically schedule 2 hours per day for that task.

  • Liquid - this mode will put all estimated hours upfront.

    •  E.g., if a task is estimated for 8 hours, and is scheduled for 4 days, the system will automatically schedule 

      • 8 hours for the first day and 0 hours for the following days (for a full-time worker)

      • 4 hours for the first two days and 0 hours for the following days (for a contractor)

My Notes

Right below the timeline panel, there is My Notes block that allows user to create personal notes. This is a private note just for the currently logged in user.

Other user will not be able to view the notes of a particular person.

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