Placeholder Task

ActivityTimeline add-on allows creating a placeholder for JIRA tickets that are not yet ready for assignment.

Create a Placeholder on Timeline

When JIRA ticket is created but cannot be assigned to a proper person who is going to do the work, it is possible to put it on a timeline as a Placeholder.

There are two ways to add a task to a timeline as a Placeholder:

  1. Drag it from the Issues panel and drop into the person's timeline holding Ctrl key (Windows) or Command key (Mac OS X).


  • Placeholder is created, but the actual ticket is not scheduled in JIRA

If a ticket is dragged without the Control/Command key pressed, the system will schedule a JIRA task, change the assignee and set the start and end dates

2. Another way to create a placeholder is to add it through 

Create New Item dialog:

  • Within the dashboard click on a cell and select Placeholder → Choose project and Estimate, or choose to Create Placeholder for existing Jira Issue → find the issue in Quick issue search:

Manage Placeholder

From a timeline, a manager can make the changes in the placeholder schedule, re-assign the task to a different person, and the system will not show any indication of it, as it is only the Placeholder that is changed, not JIRA.ticket itself.

Approve a Placeholder

Once a ticket is ready for assignment to a person on whose timeline a placeholder was created, simply click on a placeholder > press Open button.

In the opened Edit Item dialog → Approval section make sure that Replace Placeholder with actual JIRA task is checked. 

Once Approve button is pressed, the system automatically replaces the Placeholder with the actual JIRA task.

Now the actual assignee changes to the person on whose timeline a placeholder was initially scheduled.

To perform the bulk approving go to Bulk Reschedule page to find out more.

For the information on how to create placeholder with no JIRA issue linked please check out Placeholder with no JIRA Issue Associated



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