Split JIRA Tickets

In a situation when a user cannot continuously work on a ticket for several days in a queue, ActivityTimeline add-on allows splitting that ticket to be worked on different days.

Creating Split Issues

Creating the Split issues could be done in two ways:

  • On a Dashboard: drag-n-drop the task on a Dashboard by keeping the Shift key pressed.

  • From the Left Panel: drag-n-drop the task from Left Panel to Dashboard by keeping the Shift key pressed. One of two Issue Parts will be scheduled on Dashboard.

The task will be split into two parts between users or between different days for the same user. Every issue part could be split into other issue parts as well.

On a Dashboard:


From a Left Panel:


First Issue Part is unassigned; the second Issue Part is assigned and scheduled on the Dashboard:

From Jira

Click here to learn how to split tasks from Jira Issue page

Split a Ticket for Different Days


JIRA ticket #1 with an original time estimate of 16 hours is scheduled for a user on Monday and Tuesday. Suddenly the ticket of higher priority ((JIRA ticket #2) is assigned to a user to work on Tuesday, and he/she cannot continue on Ticket #1 and will be able to finish only on Wednesday.

Ticket #1 will have to be split into Monday and Wednesday. This can be done by dragging and dropping the task by keeping the Shift key pressed.

As a result, the system creates two issue parts – the first one for Monday and the second one for Wednesday.

The estimate will also be split (16 hours of remaining time = 8 hours on Monday and 8 hours on Wednesday):



Manage Estimated Time

One can manage how many hours are going to be put in each part of the ticket in Manage Issue Parts:

  1. Click on any of the parts to update or manage them

  2. Press the Manage Issue Parts button

  3. Change the number of hours for each part and click Update.    

→ The system will update the remaining time estimate for each part and will also update the total amount of remaining hours of JIRA tickets.

One can delete the issue part by clicking on the Delete link.   

Splitting the tickets works not only with one person but also across multiple people and dashboards.


For information on how to configure and use Issue Collaborators custom field see Issue Collaborators (Multiple User Picker)


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