Put Emphasize on Tickets

ActivityTimeline add-on allows marking JIRA tickets with different colors on the dashboard.

If there are multiple tasks on the dashboard, and everyone has some work to do, the system allows a user to emphasize higher priority tickets of those that need attention.

To mark JIRA ticket or event (like Booking or Vacation type) with a different color, mouse-over the ticket on the dashboard and select a desired color.

The color range is a set of 12 colors:

  • red

  • orange

  • yellow

  • light blue

  • blue (default for issues)

  • violet

  • purple

  • dark blue

  • olive

  • green (default for events)

  • grey

  • dark grey

Set of colors is standard and cannot be changed in Settings.

In order to set priorities for severity level tickets and manage tasks faster and in better way, one can choose different colors for each type of such tickets.

To change the default color of issues: go to Configuration → Timeline Panel → Default color for issues (with Admin rights);


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