Release Notes v8.3

Jul 1, 2021

Server/Data Center version: Upgrading from v8.2.2 or below to v8.3.0 may take few minutes longer than usual due to the application's DB table update.

Server version: Upgrading from legacy ActivityTimeline v7.2.x and earlier:

Please read and follow the Upgrade Instructions of ActivityTimeline v7.6.

ActivityTimeline Cloud:  Released on Jun 28, 2021. 

ActivityTimeline Server/DC: Released on Jul 1, 2021.

This version update includes the following enhancements:

  • Added new "hours per day" (Daily) estimation mode to all issue types.

    Simply click on any issue and define how many hours each resource should spend working on it every day.


  • Enhanced existing "Person Workload" report to include per-Epic details.

  • Added new "Epic Detailed Workload" reports:

    Now you can see how the workload is distributed between Jira Epics


  • Display the name of the Epic when grouping by Epic on Track view.

  • Improved TRACK view to automatically calculate the worklogs from all issues of the whole Epic hierarchy when grouping by Epic.

    Now you can see in our timesheet reports the information about the whole Epic hierarchy to understand how much time was spent working on a particular epic


  • Enhanced ActivityTimeline REST API with new endpoints.

  • Optimized performance of timesheets rendering.

  • Improved performance of workload indicator in BALANCE and ISSUES_PER_DAY calculation modes.

  • Updated styles of Skill/Level/Position Availability Web reports.

  • Added displaying of the issue part number in Workload Report per Task.

  • Fixed intermittent issues with custom events (like Note) are not visible on the Team Panel right after creation.

  • Fixed issue on WORK view where Partial Day off doesn't reduce the required hours to be logged for past days.

  • Fixed issue that the system doesn't reassign a task from Team to User when assignee User is specified.

  • Many other improvements and fixes

Should you have any questions regarding any of the new features - feel free to contact our support team