Release Notes v7.1

June 19, 2019

This version update includes the following enhancements:

  • Added possibility to re-assign issue on Issue Card
  • Added possibility to Activate/Deactivate some custom event types
  • Added possibility to set custom date range or predefined period for reports
  • Placeholder approval action can automatically create a new Jira issue now

  • Allowed Team Manager/Admin to see Work module of managed users
  • Allowed Team Manager to approve/unapprove events of his/her team
  • Added Jira saved filter into Timesheets/Report configuration
  • Implemented an acceptable deviation for Project progress report

  • Implemented possibility to group Timesheets by more issue fields: Epic, Parent task, Fix version, Label, Component and Release
  • Add possibility to include hours from Non-working days into Reports/Timesheets
  • Support "Treat Bookings as worklogs" option for Work and Track modules
  • Added "Nominal Hours" column into Timesheets Progress view
  • Enhanced multi-item pickers for Timesheets Project/Team drop downs

  • Implemented Style Editor UI for customization of issue appearance.
  • Improved Workload report to not show blue background if there is other work
  • Added new setting to specify a custom notification message to all users at the top of dashboard page
  • Added Collapse/Expand buttons on left Filter panel
  • Improved time zones handling when logging work hours internationally
  • Updated AT REST API for compatibility with latest Jira versions
  • Improved the way how AT connects to Jira with SSO.
  • Improved Localization

  • Issues Bulk reschedule improvements
  • Do not include inactive projects on "Project Progress Report"
  • Enhanced limitation of Vacation days
  • Number of "Logged hours" is rounded to the maximum of two digits after decimal point
  • Added day numbers to weekdays in collapsed workload indicator mode
  • Redesigned the "Enable\Disable access to Dashboard" option in "Bulk edit mode"
  • Added possibility to define custom issue priorities order
  • A number of other improvements and bug fixes

ActivityTimeline Cloud:   Upgraded to v7.1 on May 16, 2019.

ActivityTimeline Server: Released on June 19, 2019.