Release Notes v2.5

October 15, 2012

 This version includes the following enhancements: 

  • Workload Report in HTML and Excel format;
  • Read-Only User Role (a person with this role will not be able to modify anything on the dashboard);
  • Quick search within drop down filters (useful when you have hundreds of users/projects);
  •  Filter by scheduled/non scheduled tasks in the left panel;
  •  New BALANCE workload calculation mode (if the 3 hours task is scheduled for 3 days then each day will get 1 hour workload);
  •  New task schedule validation: If the due date was missed or planned finish date is in the past or after the due date then show task in red color; 
  • Due date indicator on the right side of a blue issue bar;
  • Persist drop-down filters across page reloads;
  • Showing of user roles on the page with list of users;
  • Possibility to turn on/off beta version of future v3.0 features set;
  • Minor bug fixing.